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Benetakoa Winery was founded in 1981 by our father Carlos Martínez de Cañas in Villabuena de Álava. Viticulture has been a centuries-old tradition in our family, and for several generations we have dedicated ourselves to pampering and learning from the land and the vine.

We make fresh and vivid wines reminiscent of the land where we were born, the impetus of the Rioja Alavesa and the dreams of a family.

Our wines

With tradition and appreciation to the origin. Based in Nature and the passage of time. Inspired by respect for the vineyard we inherited from our elders and the joy of sharing a wineglass.

Come to Rioja Alavesa

We live in a privileged land, landscapes and colors, that makes us dream of vineyards and mountains, hot summers and cold winters, where the Atlantic influence introduces the personality of our wines.