Rioja Alavesa

We live in a privileged region in the south of the province of Álava known as Rioja Alavesa. Two clear geographical features mark its northern and southern limits. It is delimited to the north by the Sierra de Cantabria and Sierra de Toloño walls, which separate it from the rest of Álava and to the south by the Ebro river, which separates it from the neighboring autonomous community of La Rioja.

The Rioja Alavesa region is made up of 15 municipalities, 4 Administrative Boards and 4 other population centers, which in total add 23 beautiful towns and villages that have as a common link being closely linked to the world of wine.

They constitute an attractive mosaic of towns with extraordinary heritage resources, historic urban centers, cellars with personality, friendly people, and landscapes that place the traveler in a land that has made wine and its culture its reason for being.

Places that are surprising for their beauty and history, and where it is easy to find medieval fortresses, emblazoned houses and Renaissance, Baroque or Neoclassical buildings.

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Villabuena de Álava

The town is distributed on both sides of the Herrera stream, which runs through a deep valley. Among its civil buildings, the Casa del Marqués de Solana or the Casa del Indiano is striking, showing a relief of Santiago Matamoros. Its parish church is dedicated to San Andrés and was built between the 16th and 18th centuries.

The hermitage of San Torcuato and Santa María is also worth a visit, where you can see the remains of its original Romanesque construction in the apse.

The square constitutes a magnificent meeting place and is where the social life of the town is concentrated. Villabuena offers us the opportunity to ride a mountain bike along the countless roads that circumvent its vineyards.

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