The family tradition

Our wines are the reflection the step of the time, of the learning and the technician that ours family has taught us. We are vine growers and love our work.

We make fresh and living wines that remember the earth where we have been born, to the strong character of the Rioja Alavesa and the dreams of our family.

Botella de Carlos Martínez de Cañas con icono de barrica
Crianza Carlos Martínez de Cañas
Botella de Goren con icono de barrica
Botella de Haritz Garnacha con icono de barrica
Grenache Haritz
Botella Haritz Maceración Carbónica
Carbonic Maceration Haritz
Haritz Blanco
White Haritz
Botella Haritz Rosado
Rosé Haritz
Botella Haritz Blanco
White Haritz
Botella Haritz Tempranillo
Tempranillo Haritz
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