Viticulture is the beginning

From the Sierra de Cantabria until the river Ebro the Rioja Alavesa descends in staggered slopes, orienting his southward slope. The vineyards situate  in the heights comprised between the 400 and the 700 metres of altitude in a rugged terrain and a clay-calcareous soil, very adapted for the viticulture, structured in terraces and small plots.

The climatic influence is atlantic- Mediterranean, with short summers and temperate winters, and risk of frosts in spring and autumn, but shortage of snow.


Our vineyards

We cultivate 20 hectares of own vineyard and other 40 from vitners that have trusted us, where predominate the old vines from 20- 80 years and small production. The grapes that we produce are 90% Tempranillo, 5% Garnacha and 5% viura.

The type of grapes we use:


  • Medium-sized grape. Dark violet red color
  • It adapts to high altitudes. Resistant to drought and extreme temperatures.
  • Produces fruity, full-bodied wines with a strong personality
  • Our wine: Grenache Haritz 


  • Large, compact, greenish-yellow clusters
  • Frost sensitive
  • Fresh, floral and aromatic wines
  • Suitable for aging both in the bottle and in barrels
  • Our wine: White Haritz


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