Benetakoa Winery was founded in 1985 by our father Carlos Martínez de Cañas in Villabuena de Álava. Viticulture has been a centuries-old tradition in our family, and for several generations we have dedicated ourselves to pampering and learning from the land and the vine.

In that year, 1985, Bodegas Benetakoa released its first carbonic maceration wine on the market. Nowadays we continue offering it to our clients.

In 1991 barrels were incorporated to also make aged wines in them. As a result of this work, in 1994 our first aged wine came into the market.


A history in favor of time

In 1997 we expanded our facilities and moved to a new winery built in the upper part of Villabuena. We preserve the tradition and the artisan concept that was breathed in the first winery and we bet on innovation as the basis of our wines. Since 2001, Gorka Martínez de Cañas, son of the winery’s founder, has taken charge of the family project.

“We have our objectives clear. We want to show our way of understanding the earth and how we live viticulture.”

Due to the increase in production during the following years, the winery had two expansions in the wine deposit section.

Expanding the range of wines

Imanol Martínez de Cañas joined the project in 2007 and thanks to their collaboration we began to offer our customers the first vintage of Haritz Blanco.

But the desire to innovate and make new wines does not stop there, in 2009, we launched Goren, a signature red wine that has been awarded several times.

In order to continue covering our production needs in 2011, an expansion is carried out in the cask hall.
In 2013 we added to our range of Haritz Tempranillo wines, to cover the wide demand for year wine, in this case, made with a different technique than carbonic maceration, while maintaining the same philosophy of freshness and youth.

White Haritz

Since 2007


Since 2009

Haritz Tempranillo

Since 2013

Approaching the present

Our concern also leads us to the vineyard, to check how the different types of grapes behave on our land. Thanks to this, in 2016 we presented Grenache Haritz, us its name indicates of the grenache grape variety. Its result has been surprising.
To finish, we go back to 2018 to talk about the Rosé Haritz, the latest innovation in our wine proposal. A highly recommended fresh wine.
And although our written “history” ends here, we continue to work to not cease to amaze you and to continue betting on quality wines.

Todos los vinos
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