Terms and conditions

1. General:

These general conditions of sale strictly apply to all sales of products made in the Iberian Peninsula by BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. with C.I.F. number B01349869, hereinafter BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L., for individuals. Any order made to BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. necessarily implies as an essential, determining and essential condition, the acceptance without reservation by the Client of the General Conditions of Sale of BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. valid on the day the corresponding order is made. In addition, the Client acknowledges that the acceptance of these conditions will imply the application of these to the order to which they refer, as well as to any subsequent order, with the exception of those cases in which new conditions are brought to your attention by BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. . The fact that BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. does not resort at any given time to any of these conditions can not be interpreted nor will it be equivalent to renouncing to resort to them in the future or in the past. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction. The interpretation and execution of the conditions, as well as all acts resulting from them, will be subject to Spanish law, unless there are public order provisions contrary to it.


The prices published in BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. They are in Euros and are valid except for typographical errors. All prices are inclusive of VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any VAT rate change will be automatically applied to the prices of the products for sale in BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. However, these prices do not include the costs of shipping the products, which are detailed separately and must be accepted by the Customer. Offers on products for sale at BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. they will be displayed on the product sheet and, unless otherwise indicated, will be valid as long as they are displayed on the screen.


3.1 Payment systems

The Client agrees to pay at the time he places the order. At the initial price listed in BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. For each of the products offered, the rates corresponding to the relevant shipping costs will be added. In any case, said rates will be previously communicated to the Client before formalizing the purchase itself. When formulating the order, the customer can freely choose to pay for the purchases made at BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. through REDSYS payment platforms. Both options allow payment by debit card and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and / or other similar cards).

3.2 Payment security

BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. it has the maximum security measures commercially available in the sector. In addition, the payment process works on a secure server using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using 128-bit algorithms, which ensure that it is only intelligible to the Client’s computer and that of the Website. In this way, using the SSL protocol guarantees:


That the Client is communicating his data to the server center of BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. and not to anyone else trying to impersonate this one.


That between the Client and the server center of BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. the data is transmitted encrypted, avoiding its possible reading or manipulation by third parties.


The offers presented by BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. they are valid within the limit of available stocks. BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. reserves the right to change the product assortment based on stock. The photographs, graphics and descriptions of the products proposed for sale are only indicative and do not in any way bind the seller.

BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. informs the Client that the number of units available is kept up-to-date with warehouse stocks and availability by our suppliers. In no case BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. You will intentionally put more units up for sale than you have or the supplier has reserved for you.

BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. will do everything possible to please all its Clients in the demand for the products. However, sometimes, and due to causes that are difficult to control by BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. As human errors or incidents in computer systems, it is possible that the quantity finally served by the supplier differs from the order placed by BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. to satisfy the requests of the Clients.

In the event that the product is not available after the order has been placed, the Client will be informed by email of its total or partial cancellation. The partial cancellation of the order due to lack of availability does not give the right to cancel the entire order. If, as a result of this cancellation, the client wants to return the delivered product, he must follow the provisions of the Return section.


5.1 Product delivery

BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. undertakes to deliver the product in perfect condition to the address indicated by the Customer on the order form, and which in any case must be within the Territory.

In order to optimize delivery, we thank the Customer to indicate an address where the order can be delivered within normal business hours. BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. will not be responsible for the errors caused in the delivery when the delivery address entered by the Client in the order form does not conform to reality or have been omitted.
BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. informs the Client that the same order may be divided into several deliveries.

5.2 Delivery time

Shipments will be made through a courier company. The order made by you will be delivered within a maximum period of 10 working days from when we have made the order confirmation. Although the usual delivery period of BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. It usually ranges from 3 to 6 days, from the completion of the order. These deadlines are means, and therefore an estimate. Therefore, they may vary for logistical or force majeure reasons. In cases of delays in deliveries, BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. You will inform your clients as soon as you become aware of them.

Each delivery is considered made from the moment in which BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. de transportes makes the product available to the Client, which is materialized through the control system used by the transport company. In the case of delays in the delivery of orders attributable to BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. , the Client may cancel his order in accordance with the procedure described in Section “6. Return”. Delays in delivery will not be considered those cases in which the order has been made available to the Client by the transport company within the agreed period and could not be delivered for reasons attributable to the Client.

5.3 Delivery data, missed deliveries and losses

If at the time of delivery the Client is absent, the carrier will leave a receipt indicating how to proceed to arrange a new delivery. BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. contracts, as part of the courier delivery service, to carry out a series of follow-up actions, aimed at ensuring that delivery occurs.

If after 7 working days after the order has been distributed, the delivery has not been arranged, the Client must contact BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. In the event that the Client does not proceed in this way, after 10 working days from the departure to delivery of the order, it will be returned to our warehouses and the Client must bear the shipping and return costs of the merchandise, as well as the possible associated management costs.

If the reason the delivery could not be made is the loss of the package, our carrier will initiate an investigation. In these cases, the response times of our carriers usually range from one to three weeks.

5.4 Diligence of delivery

The Client must check the good condition of the package before the carrier that, on behalf of BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. , deliver the requested product, indicating on the delivery note any anomaly that it could detect in the packaging. If, after reviewing the product, the Client detects any incident such as impact, breakage, signs of having been opened or any damage caused by the shipment, the latter undertakes to notify BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. via email in the shortest possible time, before the next 24 hours from delivery. From that moment, no incidents of this type will be dealt with (only parts under warranty).

6.Return and cancellation policies

6.1 Return of merchandise:

Our policy, complying with current regulations, is to grant you the right to return any item purchased from BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. within 7 days from the date of receipt.

You will not have to provide any explanation, any item, purchased from BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. , returned in its original packaging, sealed and in perfect condition will be accepted without further ado.
Within a maximum period of 15 days of receipt of the return, BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. agrees to your refund.

Before making the return, you will have to notify the Customer Service department.
If the reason for the return is that the returned item is defective or does not correspond to what was requested in the order, BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. will bear the costs of the return and new shipment. If the reason for the return is that the order does not satisfy you, we will refund the amount but not the shipping or return costs.

6.2 Cancellation of order:

If the cancellation of the order arrives before the departure of the merchandise, the client will not have any expenses. In the event of a cancellation after the order has been placed, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs as well as the return costs for this same order.

7.Privacy policies

Clients and Users agree to browse the website and use the content in good faith.

In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that completing any existing form on www.benetakoa.com or sending an email to any of our mailboxes implies the acceptance of this privacy policy, as well as the authorization to BODEGAS BENETAKOA SL so that it treats the personal data that you provide us, which will be incorporated into the file, owned by BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. , registered in the General Registry of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

The data of the Clients will be used to send via email the sales made by BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. and for the delivery of purchases.
By the mere visit to the Web, Users do not provide any personal information or are obliged to provide it.

BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. undertakes to maintain the utmost reserve and confidentiality regarding the information provided to it and to use it only for the stated purposes.
BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. It assumes that the data has been entered by its owner or by a person authorized by it, as well as that it is correct and exact.

Therefore, the Client is responsible for the veracity of the data and BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. will not be responsible for its inaccuracy of the personal data of the Clients. In accordance with current legislation on data protection, BODEGAS BENETAKOA S.L. has adopted the appropriate levels of security for the data provided by the Clients and, in addition, has installed all the means and measures at its disposal to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and extraction of the same.

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